When is rent due?
Rent is to be paid in full, on or before the first day of each and every month, however there may be a grace period at your property. Contact the leasing office to inquire.
What is the penalty for paying my rent late?
A late charge, equal to 10% of your current rent rate, will be applied for all payments received after the due date or grace period, and shall be considered additional rent.
Do I get a late fee for carrying a balance?
Balances of $149.00 or more are also subject to a late charge, equal to 10% of your current rent rate.
What is the procedure to renew my lease?
A lease renewal page will be mailed to you approximately 90 days prior to your lease expiration date. When renewing the lease, the lease renewal page must be signed and returned to the leasing office. If the renewal is not signed, the lease will automatically renew; not signing the renewal does not allow you to vacate the unit at any time without penalty.
How many days notice must I give if I do not wish to renew my lease?

Your lease will automatically renew, at the rental rate stated on the lease renewal notice, for a one year lease term, if notice of intent to vacate is not received, in writing by certified mail, to Emess Management at PO Box 478, Middlesex NJ 08846 or at your leasing office, at least sixty (60) days prior to the lease expiration date.

What is the penalty if I break my lease?
If the lease is broken, you will be responsible to pay a cancellation fee equal to at least three (3) times the rent rate at the time the unit is vacated, and an administrative fee of no less than $250.00 will be charged. The cancellation and administrative fee are due in addition to all rent and other fees due from lessee(s). The cancellation fee is non-refundable even in the event that the unit is re-rented. Rent for the month the lease is terminated will not be pro-rated, in the event you vacate the unit before the last day of the month.
How do I add someone to my lease?
Any person added to the lease must fill out an application, and provide all documentation, as well as pay the $35.00 application fee. Having person(s) living in the unit that are not on the lease is considered a lease violation. There will be $30.00 per month, per unauthorized person, charged to you each month until the person(s) is added to the lease. The option to add a person as an “occupant only” is available, please contact your leasing office for procedure and fee information.
Can I renew my lease for a shorter period of time than one year?
There are options available for an additional fee, please contact your communities leasing office.
What is the procedure and cost to transfer to a different apartment?
Transfers are at the discretion of the management company. A transfer request form must be filled out, and an apartment inspection must be done, to apply for a transfer. There are also applicable transfer fees, and all balances must be paid in full before the transfer. Please contact your leasing office for requirements and/or restrictions.
What is the procedure and cost to get a dog or a cat?
A Pet Agreement must be filled out, signed, and abided by for each animal added to the lease. A non-refundable pet fee equal to $300 will be due for each pet occupying the apartment and a charge of $30 per month, per pet, will be due as additional rent each month. Please contact the management office for breed restrictions at your community.
What is the procedure and cost to have a satellite dish installed?
Installation restrictions apply, please contact your communities leasing office for a copy of the Satellite Installation procedures.
What is considered a maintenance emergency?
  • Fire (please call 911 first)
  • No heat or air conditioning when temperature is extreme (below 50 degrees in winter or above 80 degrees in summer)
  • Electrical failure of any nature
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Stopped-up toilet if only one is available
  • Water problems (severe plumbing, roof leaks, flooding and broken pipes)
  • Refrigerator malfunction
  • No hot water
  • Any unsecured entry
Who do I call if I have a maintenance emergency?

In case of a fire or police emergency, call 911 immediately. For all other maintenance emergencies, call our 24/7 Emergency Call Center: 877-220-2597